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Red Hot Riot - Ricky, Scott and Daniel Photo Shoot

About the Band

Neo Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll influenced band from The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK.

Ricky Delaney in Red Hot Riot Crowd Live Gig

Formed in February 2019, Red Hot Riot have played all over the world including a month-long EU tour supporting The Delta Bombers, Viva Las Vegas Festival in the USA and at Glastonbury Festival in England. With 2 full length albums and 3 EP’s released, the band are a strong favourites in peoples' playlists and are making waves for a new sound within the underground Neo-Rockabilly, Rock and Roll and Psychobilly Scenes.

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Ricky Delaney and Scott McParland on stage at a live Red Hot Riot gig

The band consists of front man, guitarist, singer and primary song-writer Ricky Delaney who plays alongside his childhood friend Scott McParland on double bass and Daniel West on drums, who originally joined the band in 2020 and returned after a short break in 2023.

Scott McParland playing Double Bass in a showman style on it's side with atmospheric smoke and stage lighting
Daniel West playing drums on stage with Red Hot Riot in the UK
Ricky Delaney playing guitar on stage with Red Hot Riot at a festival
Scott McParland playing double bass on stage with Red Hot Riot in the USA
Ricky Delaney on stage at Pineda Festival in Spain performing to the camera

Over the years the band have continued to evolve their sound. Starting out performing a rockabilly covers gig, the band quickly evolved and the hit single, Life You Get, propelled them to play all over the UK and introduced them to play Glastonbury as one of their first gigs! Since then the band have not been afraid to play styles of music which allows them to explore their creativity, while always looking to make catchy tunes which get the crowd singing and dancing along.

Notable gigs have included Viva Las Vegas, Glastonbury festival, Pineda festival (Spain), Rock at Sea (Sweden), a European tour supporting The Delta Bombers and many more around the world and across the UK.

Red Hot Riot released an album and EP on the label Western Star Records, but are self-managed. The band continue to bring high energy to every performance, showing their love and passion for what they do on stage, and leaving crowds cheering for more.

Daniel West with atmospheric stage lighting playing Rock and Roll drums with Red Hot Riot live on stage in England